Premium Photoshop and Lightroom editing tools & education  by Grace Pamela

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How efficient are you in Photoshop?

If the answer isn't a 10... then this is for you.

If your experience with Photography and Photoshop is anything like mine, you've probably asked yourself if there is an easy way to get clean and consistent edits in Photoshop.

Many photographers go out and shoot the best sessions of their careers and get home only to battle with their computers to save what seemed to be amazing images in camera that look completely different when they're loaded in Lightroom or Photoshop.

When I started this journey to help other photographers that had these same struggles, I realized that consistency was the key to success. 

And I get it... You're a creative and you have what it takes and after every photo session you do what it takes, and no matter what, it gets done!

But there has to be an easier way right?

Everyone else makes it look so easy right?

The truth is, they've most likely found an action and preset system like this and have taken the guesswork out of photography and Photoshop.

I've created this resource and it's like NOTHING that has ever been created or experienced before.

It's for you.

Yes! Literally for you! I know it's hard to believe, but believe it!

Introducing Summerana's Photoshop Resource

  • Over 970 Overlays
  • Learn the right way to market your photography business.
  • Access to editing videos and workshops 
  • Resources like brushes, textures, templates and MORE
  • Step-by-step tutorials to help you master Photoshop and Lightroom. 


  • Over 580 Photoshop Actions

Looking to create a consistent look to your photos when editing.


This package is for you if you're:

Tired of stumbling through Photoshop and want to remove the guessing game.


PS Actions Included

Wanting to have the absolute best-looking portfolio and images to deliver to your clients

Editing videos & workshops


This is a $1,000+ value that saves you over $800 compared to buying separately.

Start creating the best versions of your photos as soon as you sign up.



Transform your photography

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"Summerana has truly helped my business by providing the creative tools I need to make each portrait unique and special for my clients. I LOVE Summerana products!! They give my images the creative looks I have been searching for!”"

Diana P

"I have to say the Summerana Skies Collection is amazing, I have tried and failed so many times at putting sky overlays on photos, just couldn’t get it right next to people trees, etc. This is amazing!!!!!! Thanks so much for doing these, worth every penny!!!!!!”"

Happy people

“Summerana’s Photoshop actions have opened up a whole new editing world for me. I feel that I’m now producing much better images and prints.”

Getting the collection of Photoshop tools is an important part of a Photographer's toolbox. Here are what Summerana users are saying.

"Beautiful and easy to use. Great support to. I will be back for sure.”"

Annie P

Whatley Photography

Cindy G

"I am madly in love with Summerana’s Colorosity Lights Collection! This set is now a must have with all my editing! I will absolutely buy another set in the future! Worth every penny!"

Nicole D

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Kenny H

"Super fun! Summerana’s actions have instructions along the way to make it super easy!”"

Get creative while keeping your clients safe

Transform your surroundings

Designed to Elevate Your Brand

While Saving Valuable Time

Having consistent high quality edits is one of the most important aspects to a photographer's portfolio.

Why is this the best solution?

We've Helped over 10,000+ photographers

Retouching made easy.

Save substantially when bundled

This Photoshop bundle is the last set you'll ever need.

No more wasting time and wondering if actions are going to work for you.


ONLY $297







Create Magical Images

And so much more...

Summerana [suhm-er-ah-na] was born a Photography business (Summerana Photography) by photographer Grace Pamela and is named after Grace’s two daughters, Summer and Liliana. Grace found her passion behind the scenes mentoring photographers and creating helping tools for photographers using Photoshop and Lightroom software. She began helping other photographers all over the world grow their photography business’ through her site Summerana – Photoshop Actions for Photographers in 2012 and has been plugging away ever since.

Summerana – Photoshop Actions for Photographers is a professional, friendly community and shop for photographers. We create helping tools for the creative and modern photographer so that you may grow effortlessly as a business and increase your sales. This bundle includes fun, user friendly Photoshop actions, textures, photography logos, photography marketing templates, Photoshop overlays, and Photoshop brushes! It also includes Lightroom presets!


I'm Ready

What is an action?

An action is a series of steps recorded in Photoshop. Actions can enhance photos, change the look of an image, compile your photos into templates, and more. Actions are shortcuts designed to save photographers time.

Is it easy to use?

We offer step by step tutorials as well as on-going support to help you along the way as we love to help! If you take a look at a few of the products on our website, you can click the product video tab, which will show you exactly how the products work (and how easy the steps are!).

Are your products compatible with my software?

Our actions have been tested and are compatible with English versions of Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC (Creative Cloud) and Photoshop Elements 11-18+ and work with both PC and MAC computers. No actions, however, are compatible with the software sold through the Mac Apple store. All action collection product pages on our website will state which editing software they are compatible, be sure to check this before you purchase as it might change. If you aren’t sure if a product is compatible with your software, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you with this.

Our Lightroom presets have been tested and are compatible with English versions of Lightroom 4-6, CC. Some brushes might not be compatible for Lightroom 4, but it will be noted on the product page if that is the case. All Lightroom collection product pages on our website will state which editing software they are compatible, be sure to check this before you purchase as it might change. If you aren’t sure if a product is compatible with your software, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you with this.

Overlays, logos, templates, etc. can all be used in both Photoshop (all versions) and Photoshop Elements (all versions) as well as software other than Photoshop as long as layers are supported. Overlays can also be used in Lightroom if utilizing the plugin ON1 Photo 10.

What is the ordering process?

After placing your order, you’ll be granted immediate download permissions. You’ll be able to download them on the order received page immediately after checking out, in your order confirmation email (your email will be sent to the email you have purchased/signed up with).

How long will I have access to the membership bundle?

Once you have placed your order you will be given 30 days access to your new membership library. You will be able to download all of your downloads to your computer to keep your access forever and you can choose to additionally sign up to our $10/month subscription for continued access to all past and new releases added to the membership. Please be sure to download all of your products within that time frame. If you need more time just let us know at 

Frequently Asked Questions




ONLY $297

Get all the tools you'll ever need today!

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