Surprise Auction for the Adoption of Olivia!


Summerana has donated her entire Digital Design shop to be placed up for Prince and Princesses Boutique’s surprise Auction for the Adoption of Olivia! Olivia is a baby girl being adopted by Erin Born next month and this auction will help her tremendously with the financial process. She doesn’t even know about it as this is a surprise auction! 

Prince and Princesses Boutique's Auction for the Adoption of Olivia


JJ and Erin Born have found who they hope to be a very very special addition to their family. After recovering at long last from the heart break of being scammed by an adoption set up,They are ready to try again. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers at they go on this journey once again. 
We cannot even begin to tell you how much your love and support means to them during this time. Anything you can do at all towards making this long time dream of theirs’ come true is appreciated so very much.
After much research it has been learned that this process from start to finish will cost upwards of $7,000 for legal proceedings.

You can also Donate directly HERE

If you would love to donate to the auction or help by bidding, you can find out more information how to do so HERE.  If you want to bid there are sooo many cool items up for bidding!! Other than my designs (hehe) there are rompers by Prince and Princesses Boutique , A gift certificate from Rachel Brenke – Business Consultant & Photographer, tutu’s by BriAnn Claire’s Bowtique , jewelry by Jennie’s Handmade Earrings, burlap sets by Diamonds And Dust Prop Shop and more! 



Update: Erin Born‘s reaction to the surprise!

“Totally oblivious to any of this till moments ago. Wow! After bawling like a baby with joy lol! I want to tell you all thank you , thank you so so so so much. I am in total and utter amazement right now. It’s been a really tough day today and this is just a huge piece of confirmation that God’s got it and that everything is going to work out! I cannot thank you all enough. I feel soo blessed”

New Update: The Auction is now closed, over $500.00 was raised yay!!

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