Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest Info

Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest Info

Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest Info

Summerana   |    October 24, 2017

Introducing Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest Info! This is a weekly themed photo contest and it’s something we do for fun (and to challenge ourselves) weekly.

But what is it? How does it work? How do I enter? Read on for more details.


What is Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest?

This is a photo contest dedicated to showcase your work and talent as a photographer on our website. Not only can it push you out of the box to put yourself out there creatively, but it can also help boost your SEO and exposure if you are chosen as one of the top photographers. Along with being displayed on our website, your image will be shared with thousands of users. You will be able to download our badge to display on your website as well if you’d like. Additionally, you can share your image on your photography page and tag your clients in the winning photo to congratulate them on winning and to get clients (and everyone who sees their tag) to come back to your page for more exposure.


How do I enter ?

To enter, post only your images related to each weeks theme in our Summerana’s Photography Tribe Facebook group, on our Facebook page wall, or tag your images as #topsummerana on Instagram. Title your image something like “Top photo entry: (insert theme)” so I know that you’re entering. Also be sure to post your website/facebook link (no vendor shop links allowed, only photography pages) so I can credit you on the blog if you win.

Please be sure to post images that are not cell phone shots, are too small (1500px or bigger on the long side are preferred) or are of bad quality as they will be too small to display on the website.

You may also let me know if you used any Summerana products or have a story to tell along with it I would love to also share that.

You may only participate in this contest if you are a photographer and you must submit images you took yourself.


When and how will the winners be announced and next week’s theme?

Each week’s winners will be announced each Monday. After announcing the winners I will also be announcing the new theme.


Where do I download my badge if I am a winner?

We have multiple badges so you can choose a color. There are PNG files as well as a PSD file which you can edit in Photoshop. You can download a badge here.




About Summerana
Grace Pamela is a photographer and owner of Summerana, which is named after her two daughters, Summer and Liliana.
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